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05 August 2017

We all have our go-to drink of choice but sometimes an occasion calls for something different.


We all have our go-to drink of choice but sometimes an occasion calls for something different. We think some drinks were made for a particular setting whether a casual one with friends or a formal soirée. With so many choices available, what’s the right bottle to bring to the table? We’ve asked our team of sommeliers, connoisseurs and the city’s best bartenders to recommend their favourites.

BBQ with the boys

There is no better pairing than an ice-cold beer with grilled food. You know that of course. But did you know that you could pair beer with what’s on the grill? Here’s a few savvy tips:
Cheese Burgers
An IPA (Indian Pale Ale) for a rich malt flavor that goes down so well with a char-grilled patty.
Hotdogs and sausages
Sausages go well with any beer, but a German lager with a smoky flavour has got to be the best combination.
BBQ Ribs
Sweet and saucy ribs are paired to perfection with malty sweet beers, while dry-rubbed ribs need a crisp subtler flavor.
Fish and seafood
With the delicate flavour of seafood, a pale ale is a good choice. The lighter the better!

Steak Dinner with Friends

Here’s to the “red wine with red meat” conventionalist. That is classic pairing with good reason, but why don’t you try a different partnership at your next steak meal that brings out the best in everyone.
Red wine beautifully offsets the beefy and rich flavours of a good steak, and so does whisky. The warm caramel notes of a good Scotch or rye mimic the smoky tones from a grill and will enhance the flavour of your meal. Have your drink neat or on the rocks so it doesn’t overpower your meal.

Curry at Home

An ice-cold beer with a spicy curry seems the general school of thought. Yet think about a good glass of wine that can flatter the food and create an unexpected and delicious flavour. Finding the right balance can be tricky, but experimenting can also be half the fun. Here are a few things to consider when trying your own pairings at home.
Off-dry and slightly sweet Rieslings go well with fiery flavours. For milder, creamier curries try a fruity and lightly oaked Chardonnay while the low-tannin of a pinot noir pair very nicely with tomato based gravy.

Date Night

Brush up on your cocktails if you’re planning a fun night out at a bar with your date. Tequila-based margaritas is a good call if she likes her drinks sweet, or try the classic Amaretto Sour or Gin Martini for a signature sour flavour. And if you’re taking her to dinner, wine is always a good choice.

Meet the Parents

A milestone in any relationship, a fine bottle of alcohol can make quite the impression. We’d suggest a single malt Scotch whisky like the Dalmore 15 year old or the Rémy Martin VSOP cognac for the man of the house. And liqueurs like Baileys Irish Cream or Archers Peach Schnapps are a broader choice for the whole family to enjoy.
That’s a round up of some of our suggestions. Do you have any tried and tested pairings that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them!

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