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Crown Lager 37.5cl

Crown Lager is the aristocrat of Australian beer, originally brewed in 1919 and only made available to visiting dignitaries. During the first royal visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Australia in 1954,CUB marked the occasion by releasing Crown Lager to the general Australian public. It is now outselling all domestic premium beers in Australia. With the choicest Australian raw ingredients,Crown Lager has a creamy fruitiness with a rich, malty mid-palate delivering a full-flavoured premium lager taste.

Product: Crown Lager 37.5cl

Style: Lager/ Pilsner

Code: 90080010

Size: 37.5cl

Case Size: 24

Country: Australia

Brand: Crown

AED 298

(Incl. TAX and VAT)
Crown Lager 37.5cl