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About African + Eastern
About African + Eastern

Great Blends

Our History

The origins of African + Eastern can be traced back over 100 years to Africa & the Middle East. First established in the tradition of Sea-borne trade and commerce.

African + Eastern is a company where diverse cultures, brands, skills and tastes from around the world come together to create the perfect blend. A blend that is evolving to keep pace with the developments of this dynamic region, but that in itself serves a simple purpose: to ensure the company excels at eclipsing the expectations of Customers, Partners, Employees and Stakeholders. Blends

Management Team
Inspired. Eclectic.
African Eastern Managment Teams
At African + Eastern we pride ourselves on our excellent service levels, as well as our knowledge and experience of the drinks industry. We love what we do, and you can tell by how well we do it.

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Who We Are
Wynns Coonawarra Estate
We Are
African + Eastern is an important contributor to the region’s economy. We are committed to our responsibility in the community and strive to achieve the best results whilst adhering to the country values we are operating.

African + Eastern’s deep roots and long history in the Arabian Gulf gives the company a distinct advantage when navigating cultural sensitivities and nuances, giving Partners and Suppliers an ideal platform from which to make the most of growth opportunities in the region.


It is the responsibility of every person representing African + Eastern to deliver on these promises with sound expertise and a sense of urgency and passion. A company with a responsible, clear and courageous vision for growth – and the passion to make it happen – secures the position of being the preferred choice of Customers, Brand Partners, Suppliers and Employees.

At African + Eastern, we love what we do, and you can tell by how well we do it.

Mission and Vision
Mission and Vision
our mission and Vision
"We aim to provide an exceptional customer experience through our trio of commitments: great service, great brands and great deals."


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